The satisfactions of manifesting oneself concretely in the world through manual competence have been known to make a man quiet and easy. They seem to relieve him of the felt need to offer chattering interpretations of himself to vindicate his worth. He can simply point: the building stands, the...more

A good friend of ours, Eddie King and his cohorts put this really awesome commercial together and entered a contest for the Super-bowl. They made it to the finals, which is no surprise. The commercial is pretty great. If you have a free minute, take a gander and put your vote in for "The Best P...more

& Back in 2005, while I was working as a manager at a large retail chain in Salt Lake, I met Chad. I had a little clothing company with some friends, and had recently started designing shoes for what would become Zuriick. Chad offered me a job being a clothing rep shortly after I talked him ...more

We still have a few odds and ends to tie up on the new site, but we're happy that the initial launch is done. If you happen to see something funny or are having any problems viewing product or making a purchase, please email: and we'll gladly get things cleared up. W...more

Our site is going to be under construction for the next month or so. You can purchase our products at for the time being. We apologize for the inconvenience. It'll be worth the wait. All sizes for shoes as well as tee shirts are listed. Thanks. more

Some friends and I went to the Miller track out in Tooele, UT this weekend to watch the Vintage bike races. It was nice to see some vintage bikes up close, there were some amazing Norton's, Vincent's, Triumph'sand BMW's, and this really awesome Velocette (#7) more

For the first 200 purchases in the month of September we are giving away cigarette tins. If you don't smoke, you can use it to balance a table leg, or to put your lipstick on. We have added 8.5, 11.5 and 14, but have not been able to update the online store to reflect these additions. If you ne...more

Like I said in the previous post, we've been shipping our new vulcanized styles. We now have them online available for purchase. We've added 8.5, 11.5, and 14 to the men's sizing. New MENS and WOMENS. We'll be releasing the dress and cement styles soon, so keep checking back. On a side note,...more

The summer has been good to us. We're lucky to live in this beautiful city of Salt Lake. Sunsets like this one seem to make all the shitty aspects of this place disappear. Our spring/summer sale is still going on, making room for the fall/winter shoes. We started shipping the vulcanized styles,...more